For the disabled


  1. The WKD staff members are obliged to undertake any actions necessary for providing the access to the WKD train services to the disabled people and to the people with reduced mobility.
  2. The information concerning the accessibility of the WKD trains, about the applied conveniences for the disabled people and for the people with reduced mobility is available at the telephone number:
    22 755 70 82 (24-hour)
  3. The disabled people and the people with reduced mobility may seek free help in getting on/off the WKD trains, provided that the train service provider has been notified of the need for assistance and help at least 48 hours before the planned departure from a given station.
  4. Notifications of the need to provide assistance and help to the disabled people and to the people with reduced mobility, are to be made at the telephone number:
    22 755 70 82 – a dispatcher, (24-hour);
    22 755 47 60 – The Division of Marketing and Sales of Services (7.00 a.m. – 3.00 p.m.);
    22 755 55 64 – the Secretary Office (7.00 a.m. – 3.00 p.m.);
    An informant is obliged to notify of:
    a) the date and time of the journey;
    b) the train service line;
    c) the fact that the disabled person holds/does not hold the ticket for the journey;
    d) name and surname and the telephone number of a traveller and the telephone number of a contact person, if the notification is not made by a traveller himself/herself;
    e) the type of disability or reduced mobility;
    f) the fact that the disabled person travels/does not travel on his/her own;
    g) the fact that the disabled person uses a wheelchair, and if so, what is the type of the wheelchair (electric, folding, manual) or that the disabled person uses orthopaedic equipment (crutches, walker, etc.);
    h) any other crucial circumstances of the planned journey e.g., if there is a dog, luggage or bike to be carried, etc.
  5. An informant shall be notified of the time and place, where a traveller is to turn up - not earlier than 60 minutes and not later than 30 minutes before the planned departure of the train.
  6. If no notification has been made according to the aforementioned requirements, e.g. at the indicated telephone number or it is not possible to designate a person to help and assist the disabled person and the person with reduced mobility, every possible action is taken, so that the disabled person could travel on a WKD train.
  7. If help and assistance for the disabled people may not be provided because of some architectural barriers or the lack of staff, or for some technical and organisational reasons - in such a case, the WKD staff notifies of the closest, well-adapted station and the staff who may provide necessary help and assistance.


The disabled person, who, for whatever reason has not purchased a ticket in the ticket office, in the WKD point of sale in a ticket vending machine or via mobile phone, a ticket may be bought from a rail vehicle driver at a discount of 37%, 49%, 78%, 93%, according to the ticket tariff with - without any additional payment.

Prices of tickets for the disabled people according to the discount ticket tariff:

Type of discountZone IZone IIZone III
Reduced fare 37% 2,30 zł 3,00 zł 4,40 zł
Reduced fare 49% 1,85 zł 2,45 zł 3,60 zł
Reduced fare 78% 0,80 zł 1,00 zł 1,50 zł
Reduced fare 93% 0,25 zł 0,34 zł 0,49 zł

Discount tickets without any additional payment are sold by a rail vehicle driver EXCLUSIVELY to the disabled people, i.e. to the people entitled to invalidity benefits.

In such a case when the passenger is:

  1. a disabled person or a person with the reduced mobility,
  2. a blind person travelling without a guide or with a dog-guide,
  3. moving on the wheelchair and travelling without an accompanying person,

and has no a valid ticket, the check-in is done during the control which means that the controller draws the payment demand and include the following information: “travel of the person with the reduced mobility”. The controller instructs the passenger that paying the fare for the travel within 7 days means discontinuance of proceedings. In case of not paying the above mentioned fee within 7 days, such a travel will be treated like a travel without a ticket.