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The rail network of the Warsaw Commuter Railway (WKD) is located at the south-west side of the Warsaw Metropolitan Area. The rail lines link the area of three poviats (districts): the capital city of Warsaw, Pruszków and Grodzisk, including two residential quarters of Warsaw and 6 municipalities: Warszawa Ochota, Warszawa Włochy, Michałowice, Pruszków, Brwinów, Podkowa Leśna, Milanówek and Grodzisk Mazowiecki.

There are three rail lines within the train services operated by the Warsaw Commuter Railway (WKD):

  • Line no 47: Warszawa Śródmieście WKD – Grodzisk Mazowiecki Radońska
    The rail line consists of double-track lines Warszawa Śródmieście WKD – Podkowa Leśna Główna which are 25.070 km long as well as a single-track line Podkowa Leśna Główna – Grodzisk Mazowiecki Radońska which is 7,544 km long. The total length of the rail line no 47 equals 32.614 km.

  • Line no 48: Podkowa Leśna Główna – Milanówek Grudów
    The rail line consists of a single-track line which is 2.896 km long.

  • Line n 512: Pruszków – Komorów
    The rail line constitutes a single-track technological railway siding of the WKD line integrated with the railways operated by PKP PLK S.A. [joint-stock company]. The total length of the rail line equals 3.411 km.

The rail lines operated the Warsaw Commuter Railway (WKD) are completely isolated from the Polish railway lines. The only integrated connection is provided by the railway line no 512.

Along the WKD rail lines, there are:

  • 28 stations and passenger stopovers equipped with platforms of cobble pavement, concrete pavement and asphalt pavement; train shelters, lighting as well as sound distribution system and monitoring system. The average distance between the stopovers equals 1, 250 m.
  • 38 level crossings of B category (with half-turnpike and warning signalling equipment), C category (with warning signalling equipment) and D category (equipped only with vertical signalling).
  • 4 technical stations which allow for manoeuvres and changing the direction of the rolling stock ride: Warszawa Śródmieście WKD, Komorów, Podkowa Leśna Główna, Grodzisk Mazowiecki Radońska.